A gate is no barrier …


There are two new Welsh Red (Ci Coch) puppies here at the moment.

They are boisterous, sharp, out-running dogs … and they could teach a lot of churches and Christians a thing or two.

For example … to our pair of four month olds, the visible evidence of a gate is perceived as no ACTUAL barrier at all … (click the link above)

You see, over or under, there’s always a way!

‘Cannot do’ attitudes

You’d think that the God who makes all His resources available in Christ to do everything God sends His people out to achieve would get frustrated with ‘cannot do’ attitudes, wouldn’t you?

Making the brethren’s hearts sink …

But churches can be FULL of the attitudes of the ten spies in Numbers 13 who returned with faithless reports that ‘made the brethren’s hearts sink’.
God’s word is full of the opposite teaching …

Or refusing the barrier effect of gates?

Paul is worth taking lessons from on this: ‘I can do all things through Christ Who gives me strength’ (Philippians 4:13)

Looks like Christ is the One to go to!

Is it time to go out there and prove it?