Trepidation in Preston ( North end)


Oooh! There’s always that little frison of excitement as you approach an unfamiliar shower.

It’s not that I particularly need a brave pill at the thought of soap and water. It’s just that I’ve lived a fair old while, survived it until now … and I’ve encountered the brooding malice of these jobbies more than once, you know?

Well the room is very nice. Not … ‘welcoming’ … but nice.

And it isn’t warmly Welsh, but the hotel chain is French, so I reckon this at least makes it comfortingly ‘Celtic fringe’.

But am I going to make it into that shower? The towels are warmly inviting, neatly folded on that rail.

But the close-tiled, shiny shower still looks a calculating risk.

Are those hot and cold knobs evenly balanced?

Is that hanging shower head hanging onto a few cold drops, ready to drip them on the first adventurer who dares to approach?

Well, you know that I survived it as you know I’m writing this. And you know I didn’t flunk it, because adults do not publish flunking showers!

But life’s full of little adventures and things that call for acts of trust.

It’s all very well to say ‘I do my own risk assessments’ – when I had my own off road driver training business I lived by that rule all the time.

But the number of times I’ve got half way up (or down!) and wished I’d never started … well there’s definitely room for error in the process.

And if I’m my only source of security … my life is risky.

But the Bible holds a promise that’s been tested by God’s people for millenia, and it’s a promise that for us has held secure:

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear …”

Mebbe it’s time to give Him a go?