Our word for the week could be … ‘Change?!’


“I don’t want church to be fun. I don’t want it to be ‘personal’. I just want ‘polite but suitably distant’ then p*ss off.”

The person I was talking to in the Co-op food store was adamant, and thoroughly well into her ‘sixties’. (I’m being gracious).

Why is it that a fair number of people expect – WANT! – their experience of ‘church’ to be cold, distant and reasonably unwelcoming?

Oh yes, they might speak unfavourably of the polite but disengaged nature of traditional church experience, but then those same people clearly want nothing so LITTLE as anything up close and personal!

The real objection’s to the nature of God …

The problem is that we’re doing this for God, and He is

He’s never been a ‘stand-off’ sort of God,

and He really just isn’t prepared to be.

Why not? It’s because left to ourselves we just sit in our mess and He’s in the business of changing that.

But from our side of things, if we let down our ‘guard’, lower the mask that we hide behind, then our real character might emerge and our need of personal modification might become evident in public!

We’re ‘happiest’ not having to face up to such harrowing change.

The ‘C’ word

That ‘C’ word (‘change’) is what seems to be the problem here.

If God is in the business of beneficial change, our insisting on being left alone comes down to refusing His help, and insisting on persisting in rebellion.

(Just sayin’)

Time to ‘man up’ for a change, anybody?