Parents under pressure?

Those of us well blessed with the responsibity of parenting (NOT something we can really take for granted) can easily let the pressure of parenting get to us.

Shed loads of grief lie dow that road … but HOW do you handle it when parenting poses problems and perplexity?

Amram and Jochebed (yes – these are their real names) had a bit of a snag with their newborn.

The absolute ruler of the land had decreed that all male children of their race were to be taken down to the big river and thrown in. Now, it’s hard enough keeping an average newborn quiet at night, but when there are troops out searching for babies like yours to feed them to the crocodiles …


… THEN you are a parent under pressure!

So what did Moses’ parents (because that’s who we’re talking about) see as their priorities in this horrible parent-pressure situation?

Check the link! (It’ll only take about 5 minutes).

Priorities for Parents under Pressure Hebrews 11 vv 23-29.wmv


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Simon is a church planting pastor and Rural Chaplain based at Grace Church Llandeilo and serving the Heart of Wales. He has a Facebook page as Rev Simon Bowkett and the Grace Church website has lots of information and resources at Facebook page is 'Grace Christian Community Llandeilo' ... you would be welcome to drop by there for a chat!
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2 Responses to Parents under pressure?

  1. Mike says:

    So much to learn and it just goes to show that The Old Testement is so relevant in aiding the New Testement. Thanks for the Video

  2. welshrev says:

    Great pleasure Mike … thanks for feedback.
    The full version is at
    Have a great week!

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