Gatland: “The outcome was taken out of our hands …”


So Warren Gatland appeared after the game, master of his temper, but once again FUMING within.

And it’s a ref that’s done this to him … again!

Why was he ‘holding it in’?

Because a referree had …

( Out here in the heart of Welsh Wales, the sense of being cheated is palpable … but Warren was handling himself well!)

Now before you switch off, let me quickly point out, that this blog is not dedicated to sour grapes at that dubious refereeing decision.

So this blog is about Warren’s little lesson in life, which seems to be so hard to swallow across our entire experience for us … the people of rugby-mad Wales.

We simply won’t have it,

we simply can’t bear it,

for the game not to be in our hands.

It’s the fruit of being control freaks who have no control … and what we do WITH that can have life wrecking consequences.

Simply: life isn’t fair, and refs make tough calls, and there’s 200,000 jobs in the public sector in Wales that are due to be lost which they say won’t be left there by March … and we expect a harsh winter for us all.

(And that’s not going to seem too fair either, now, is it?)

So how about we just lie down and cry?!

Despair can look SUCH a good option! I mean, really, what’s the POINT any more? (See my drift?)

Most people would say there ARE things we can do when life seems to be taken right out of our hands ….

This gives us human dignity (eh?)

This brings us satisfaction, and maybe even some honour (yes, but, really?)

This wins respect and it mentors our juniors (but mentors them in doing what, and going WHERE?)

You see, those are common ‘high ideals’ and we all want to cheer. It sounds noble and lofty and brave.

But the big aim in all of this, is to create some impression that the game is … that our destiny is … still somehow held in OUR hands …

We simply won’t trust

Anyone else …

We just can’t bear the thought that our life should not be in our hands, and the stark truth of our existence is that it ISN’T.

What we need’s a game changer we can trust!

So the wisdom of the wise when it’s all taken from you has always sounded something like this:

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

     6 in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” (That’s the Bible, Proverbs 3:5-6)

But are you prepared for that ‘play’?

Faith gladly trusts its life to the hands of the Ref. (right up to the whistle) by making its play to His call …

(I didn’t start out by saying this would look comfy … but I AM really sure this is right.)