Word for the Week- Choking




Choking is an involuntary reaction to digestive overload.

Something’s gone wrong.

But why?



Two ways to choke

  • You can choke because you’ve been given something to swallow but it’s come in lumps you can’t manage.

  • You can also choke because something you’ve tried to swallow leaves a taste in your mouth that is absolutely HORRIBLE to your particular set of taste buds …because one man’s meat can be another man’s poison.


‘Choking’ on ‘Church’

“Churches are often guilty of telling people the diagnosis in words they can’t understand, making them feel like the treatment is uncommon.

One of the tenets of the Protestant Reformation was a change from Latin, a dead language, to the language of the people.

Slowly over the years, antiquated terms have crept back into the vocabulary of churches, so the people that need most to understand about Jesus can’t.”

Paul A Clifford 

Just two ways to live

The danger is that we choke people ‘spiritually’ by talking a foreign language (lumps you can’t digest) or putting things clearly to people who find what we’re saying is utterly not to their taste.

So plainly and clearly (and at the risk of ‘offending’) what is it Christianity’s saying?

You can sum the whole thing up like this:

  1. God made the world and everything in it so it all works beautifully when we accept God’s authority & live under it.
  2. People don’t like the sound of that and reject it (choke hazard!)
  3. The penalty for treason is serious … God isn’t going to be standing for treason that destroys the peace of the world He has made (So far this is thoroughly bad news – here’s where it gets VERY much better … don’t stop now!)T junction
  4. Seeing the mess this put us in, God sent His own Son Who lived a perfect human life which meant He didn’t have sin to be penalized for, and could therefore died to pay the price of other people’s rebellion against God
  5. God raised Him from death to life to SHOW that the penalty was fully paid
  6. That leaves everyone with two ways to live … either to continue in rebellion against God or to turn FROM that to follow this Jesus getting back in the right with this God.
  7. So which way do YOU want to live?

What you make of this will be very important.

After all there’s no point gaining the whole world and losing your own soul … but investing your life wisely reaps huge benefits.

Find out more

We have supportive, helpful and informal midweek farmhouse meetings all over the Heart of Wales, where you can get amongst country people who are working out what it means to be living and farming God’s way. There’s tea and there’s cake, but no nonsense.

Or you can find Grace Rural Wales Partnership on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter (@WelshRev), and follow the movements of the Landrover using #DefenderofTheFaith #DotF

Contact Us

If this stuff – or anything else – is making you choke, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to listen and chat. How can we help?

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Word for the Week: FOMO

This month, Essena O’Neill, an Australian teenager with more than half a million followers on Instagram, made headlines after announcing that she was quitting the platform because it is “contrived perfection made to get attention”. She said it promotes a ‘dishonest and contrived’ sense of beauty. 

She’s not alone in recognising (and rejecting) the pressure social media puts on people to put on a perfect outward appearance to cover a very different underlying reality.

Worried woman

The Guardian (Nov. 4th 2015) quotes the young Canadian professional Michelle Linker:

 ‘I absolutely feel insecure’

“I get serious Fomo (fear of missing out) with Instagram, and with all social media

 People are publicizing usually something really cool or fun that they’re doing, or at least they make it appear that way. I absolutely feel insecure.”

“I feel anxiety over how many likes I get after I post a picture. If I get two likes, I feel like, what’s wrong with me?”

 ‘Without Instagram, I’m free’

The same article quotes Madeleine Dalkie, 24:

 “Without Instagram, I don’t think that there’s a pressure to look a certain way or to be doing the right thing, or going to the right party. I’m more free, doing what I want to do as opposed to what people want to see me do.”

Somewhere along the line we seem to have created a very dodgy idea of what it means to be an acceptable sort of person

 But where are people who try to make this sort of break to going to go to handle the suspicion they’re not acceptable?

Actually NOT that acceptable

The underlying reality is that most people (megalomaniacs and sociopaths aside!) have a reasonable grasp on the less acceptable side of their own character … it’s just that we don’t want that to be too public!

Hiding it doesn’t seem to work

Jesus Christ called people to ‘come out’ about all this and look to Him to deal with their underlying previously unspoken unacceptability. (Churchy people call it ‘repentance’ – it’s in Mark 1:15 and a LOT of other places, and it goes along with trusting Him to sort it out – which is called ‘faith’ or ‘believing’).

The best way in the world to deal with guilt

Not many people realise this about Christmas, but what God meant it to do was to deal with the age old human problem of GUILT!

Even His name ‘Jesus’ was given Him before His birth to show He’d save His people from their sins (don’t take my word for it – check out Matthew 1:21)

Find out more

We have informal midweek farmhouse meetings all over this area where you can get amongst farming people who are working out what it means to be living and farming God’s way. There’s tea and cake but no nonsense.

Or find Grace Rural Wales Partnership on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter (@WelshRev), and follow the movements of the Landrover using #DefenderofTheFaith #DotF

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Confession time … ?

Let’s face it, most rare breeds are rare for a reason … and sometimes that means they get looked down on, so it almost feels like a confession to say that I used to keep rare breeds of pig. But to be perfectly honest, I had a job for them.

BerkshiresBerkshire pigs were originally bred for the London light pork trade killing out around what we’d call 50 kgs. And going into prime cuts of meat.

With changing times, the call for such light pigs and such fatty pigs as met the earlier demand fell away. There’s always a REASON that rare breeds are rare!

I discovered that Berkshires made a pretty unique sausage, and there was money to be made that way … but that was some time ago!

Looked useless, but had real job to do

So the rare old Berkshire pig looked as if it had been left behind by changing times, but turned out to have a very relevant and useful job still left to do …

And mebbe it’s time for many of us to bring the ‘old’ Jesus into 21st century living today …

Why’s a Chaplaincy making this point?

It’s a serious mistake to write something off just because it’s old

The fact that a solution has a history is no reason to write it off … it may have a very useful job to do yet in these days. It may be old because it’s stood the test of time, like … the wheel, for example!

Something that’s rare (or just unique) is not bound to be irrelevant

Only one person can deal with guilt, solve the riddles of life and then the problem of death, but the uniqueness of Jesus Christ doesn’t leave Him irrelevant or useless or unable to help … and around the world He’s helping millions of people meet the challenges of their day to day lives.

Taking another more profitable look

I needed to take another look at the Berkshire, because there was a use for it many had missed.

Take another look at the uniqueness of Jesus Christ … because right in the middle of the dairy and lamb price crises, struggling to break free from TB, wrestling with banks and against supermarkets, farming people all around you are re-discovering quite a lot Christ does for them that they had missed.

Taking the job one step further …

We have informal midweek farmhouse meetings all over this area where you can get amongst farming people who are working out what it means to be living and farming God’s way.

There’s normally tea and cake or something, but no nonsense.WelshRev

Wherever you see the Rev. you can talk – you’ll find him in marts at Carmarthen, Llandeilo and Llandovery each week. Don’t hold back. He’s paid to rise to a challenge!

Wherever you see the Landrover you’ll find loads of our free audio and video resources to download to your phone – we can help with that!

Or find Grace Rural Wales partnership on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter (@WelshRev) and follow the movements of the Landrover using #DefenderofTheFaith #DotF

Contact Us

Phone: 07748 644958

Email: HoWChaplain@gmail.com                 Web: http://www.yGRWP.com

Twitter: @WelshRev   #Defenderofthefaith #DotF

(Check the calendar on the website for those farmhouse meetings and what’s on)

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A moment’s quiet please … we have had to bid farewell to a faithful old friend.

Last month, Landrover took last orders for one of the greatest and best-loved vehicles ever built.

Defender 90 washed outDemand is so great, production has been extended but the old Defender will still be discontinued next year … not because demand has collapsed – they still sell 14,000 a year … but (allegedly) because of dreary, mindless European regulation.

 Funnily enough, it is in Europe that sales have recently been most buoyant …

So, in memory of the old girl, this week’s Word for the Week is: Defender.

The Landrover Defender has seen many of us through some pretty hairy scrapes over the years – famous for keeping going through thick and thin, often held together by quick fixes and bits of string, giving faithful service in all weathers, in all places at all times of day and night.

 The Defender 110 was launched in 1983, and the 90 followed in 1984. It has always been a fairly square, solid utility vehicle that has always lived up to the name ‘Defender’ and looked after its occupants well.

 Landover Defender on desert pisteAs an old Saharien said to me once (in North African French, of course):

‘the Japanese break and leave you stranded, but the Landrover will grind on for a thousand kilometres’ (‘… le Land s’agonisse pendant mille kilometres’)

It was poetry amongst the dunes …

Living up to its name

I’ve seen these vehicles dropped fifty feet off mountain roads onto their roof with three lads still able to crawl out.

On one occasion a Defender was struck from behind on a Bosnian mountain road by a runaway artic whose driver had fallen asleep at the wheel, got shunted into the cliff wall to the right not off the precipice to the left, endded up with a bent chassis and two shaken occupants … but they still managed to drive it back to the UK to be re-chassised!

Some of us certainly grew to love the Defender because it did what it said on the bonnet. If DEFINITELY had a way of ‘defending’ you!

 But if you knew earlier models of Landrover than Defender from Series II onwards there was a handle in front of the passenger that I often wished they’d fitted to Defender too …

The ‘Jesus’ handle

Jesus handleThe older Landrovers famously had a handle in front of the front seat passenger that could be grasped at moments of physical instability or emotional insecurity … as a quick prayer was uttered, the handle would be grasped.

Hence the name: the ‘Jesus handle’.

 There were times when only Divine intervention was going to be good enough … and a lot of us have had moments like that over the years!

 So when was the last time you (secretly, no doubt) called out to God when things got a little bit more than exciting? (Yes, most of us do this!)

 But a God is not just for Christmas and emergencies.

Like the good old Defender, our relationship to Him works best and our ‘defences’ are strongest when we haven’t neglected regular maintenance!

 “‘For he will rescue the needy when they cry out for help,
and the oppressed who have no defender.
13 He will take pity on the poor and needy;
the lives of the needy he will save.

Psalm 72:12-13

 Don’t just let it rest. You need to take action to take advantage of this. Talk to us soon!

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Word for the Week: ‘Mercy!’

This week social media has carried a lot about the Greek economy and the crisis in the Euro, which of course holds potential to cause havoc in Welsh agriculture … our farm payments start life in Euros after all and we are all subject to volatility in world markets as the current prime lamb price fiasco clearly illustrates.

But the comments on social media are not particularly hard on Greece.

Quite the reverse. There’s actually outrage about the way that the German government are acting

… why?!

Greece remitting German debt 1957On 27 February 1953, an agreement was signed in London which resulted in the cancellation of half of Germany’s (then West Germany’s) debt: 15 billion out of a total of 30 billion Deutschmarks.

Those cancelling the debt included the United States, the UK and France, along with Greece, Spain and Pakistan – countries which are major debtors today.

Following the debt cancellation, West Germany experienced an ‘economic miracle’ with large-scale reconstruction, and high rates of growth in income and exports.

 This all got me thinking about a story Jesus told about a man who owed a lot of money to a more powerful man, got called in, pleaded for mercy and was let off. But that wasn’t the point, because …

As soon as he got outside he seized a man who owed a lot less by the throat and demanded his money back, refused that man’s pleas for mercy and threw him in gaol.

When the first, most powerful man heard about this he was furious, called the unmerciful man back, threw him in gaol and promised he wouldn’t get out until he paid back every penny.

And while everyone was saying … ‘fair play!’

Jesus said …
“‘This is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother or sister from your heart.’”
Matthew 18:35


Now of course Jesus wasn’t talking about banks or nations He was talking about us.

Surely it’s a mug who loves his grudges more than he thinks he needs and asks for the mercy of God both for the stuff he’s done or failed to do and just plainly got wrong?

Give it a thought. Let us know what YOU think?!

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It’s not an easy word but it is one I’ve got a bit of a quarrel with.

We always assume it means ‘end’

Terminals - bus

… but whether you use it about

·        a bus station

·        a wire 

·        or a human life.

 it often doesn’t mean ‘end’ at all!

·        You crimp a terminal on a wire not to end something, but to connect it

·        You go to the bus terminal NOT necessarily to end, but often to progress to the next stage in your journey …

When ‘terminal’ is used in ALL those ways we’ve mentioned, it’s not about making a final ending,but it’s about making a good connection.

‘Terminal’ is often about making a new connection

Terminals - electric

 The truth is, ALL of human life is terminal. The medics can only tell you they think they’ve discovered your personal journey schedule.

The important questions then are:

  1. where are you going?
  2. how will you get there?
  3. and what is this trip going to cost?!

1. Where are you going?

 Opinions vary, but when the chips are down you want something more solid than mere opinion …

Evidence is all that will do!

And there’s great evidence of GOOD life after death in the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In fact it’s the best-attested fact in the whole of ancient history!

 Check out that evidence here: https://youtu.be/vpJzWF4lnG0

or click on this QR Code to use a link to go direct Resurrection video QRC Peter Williams

How about if He could beat this ‘terminal’ thing FOR you?

  1. How will you get there?

Only one human being ever managed to ‘beat this thing’ and He spelled out how we can gain for ourselves out of His victory over death … here’s what He preached at the start of Mark’s Gospel:

Mark 1 v 15

“The Kingdom of God is at hand:

repent and believe the Good News”

Check this in Mark’s Gospel chapter 1 verse 15, or click on this graphic to hear the chapter read to you.

We can give you an audio copy of the New Testament to listen to, or a paper copy you can read for yourself. Please just ask!

The third big question that arises is the hardest …

  1. What is it going to cost?

(Here’s the really hard bit.)

It’s GOT to cost us nothing at all.FOC

it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no one can boast.”
(Ephesians 2 vv. 8-9)

Terminal? Yes. We ALL are.

But when they tell you they’ve got a handle on your timetable, these are the big questions to deal with.

  1. Where are you going?

  2. How are you going to get there?

  3. What is it going to cost?

Don’t let it rest. Contact us – soon – to find out more.

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The word for the week is: ‘Cash-flow’

It’s not usually the lack of assets in a business that causes it to fail

– nor a lack of assets in a person that causes them to crash.Healthy cash flow

For a business, it’s usually the lack of a healthy cash flow 

– and for an individual it’s not usually that they’ve got nothing to offer –

it’s the lack of refreshment that wears out and brings down.

So the wise thing’s to focus attention on making it FLOW!

With farm business planning being disrupted by the falling price of beef and lamb, and by the standstills caused by bTB and Ministry movement restrictions, we’re all painfully aware of needing cash to flow.

 You’ve got to keep cash coming in to keep on going

 The cash keeps flowing out, the pot keeps getting drained and you’ve got to keep having something to sell to stay clear of the bottom of the pot.


 In the same way, every day, we can be

personally giving out far more than we are taking in, so there’s always a need

to go back to the dipstick daily and check on your personal ‘tank’!

 We need some sort of personal ‘top up’ pretty much every day

– but who are you going to call to make sure you stay on top of that?

So topping up is the key to keeping going, for farms and for farmers, both alike.

For farm cash flow planning help, go somewhere like this website here:

Farm business financial planning

But f
or your own personal ‘resource flow’ planning help go somewhere like  this ancient wisdom here:

Psalm 1

Blessed is the one

    who does not walk in step

with the wicked
or stand in the way that sinners take
    or sit in the company of mockers,

but whose delight is in the law of the Lord,
    and who meditates on his law day and night.

That person is like a tree 

planted by streams of water,
fruitful tree     which yields its fruit in season
and whose leaf does not wither –
    whatever they do prospers …

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The Word for the Week is: ‘Late’!

Being ‘late’ is bad …

A popular London preacher of the 19th century famously lectured his students to do their best to always turn up for appointments on time, saying: ‘I hope not to be known as the late Mr. Spurgeon as long as I live!’

Well, ‘lateFive to midnight LATE’ is certainly not generally thought of as a great thing to be, and ‘too late’ can be lots worse.

Being ‘too late’ is worse!

Almost a thousand farmers in Wales will lose part of their subsidy payment this year because they failed to meet the 15 May deadline for submitting their Single Application Form.

1,000 farms were ‘too late’ last week

The Welsh government has confirmed that 16,739 forms had been submitted ahead of the deadline at midnight on Friday 15th May, leaving about 900 outstanding claimants with penalties.

If you are one of the many SPS ‘too lates’, don’t put it off any more – get in touch right away on http://www.yGRWP.com

 We can help!

Don’t put off the hard questionsVague question mark

It doesn’t help to put off the hard questions – they are only going to get harder!

Now, of course, many were probably put off by the new online Farm Payment forms this year … although the old style paper forms could still be used. And then there were those rule changes, and … let’s face it … the nagging threats of penalties if we got it wrong.

But just putting off questions we don’t want to answer is a dangerous way to go …

No-one wants to think time is short, whether for Ministry forms or for REAL matters of life and death … but just as there are no excuses for being late for the Government, there aren’t any about missing the boat with God either.

That’s what it says in the Book, and that’s actually what it’s going to be – whether for Single Farm Payment or for Heaven.

So don’t miss this boat!

Ask for a free Mark’s Gospel audio recording to go on your phone or a free hard copy to read for yourself and make a start on seeing what it’s really about TODAY!
07748 644958 or use the contact form on http://www.yGRWP.com

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Word for the week: ‘Self-help’

Sounds greaWe can do itt, doesn’t it? ‘Self-help’?

Well, yes, of COURSE it does!

And when it works it is clearly the way you want to go.

It strokes our personal high view of ourselves, it gets straight to the root of the issue straight away without any messy involvement of other people or outside agencies … and independence can be a great thing.

But what about when it ISN’T WORKING?

The reason most people turn to the booming ‘self-help’ book industry is that – to date – SELF-help ISN’T working.

And that’s when it can take a stronger person to actually look for the outside help that is actually needed, rather than just try to keep going somehow on their own.

The Self-help Book industry is a big money-making edifice, with books worth $549m and audio books worth $445m as long ago as 2011.

But self-help books are a steadily declining market.

Why IS that?

The cat is sliding down the curtains

So much of the self-help stuff betrays the stylish desperation Cat curtainsof a cat sliding down the curtains, desperately clawing for support where none will actually be found.


When something is broken or not working, the commonest case of failure to fix it is not setting about things the right way.

As my father used to say, you need to ‘Read the Flippin’ Manual!’

And in this case that’s crucial, because in fact, as Jesus (the ‘Manufacturer’) once said …

Help is at hand!You can ask why all you want

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

So how exactly do you ‘come to’ Him?

It’s the same as in the old days – the first thing is to listen to go and listen to what He’s got to say.

Give us a call, catch us in the Mart or find us on social media and we’ll happily put an audio file on your phone to listen to, free of charge!

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Word for the week: Turnout

As soon as that soil temperature hits six degrees and the plate meter (or the mark on the side of your boot) tells you there’s enough grass there to be grazed, the winter housing period is over and none of us can wait to turn cattle or earlier lambing sheep out on the new grass

So you rush them out

And by day two they’ve found the problem with the fence that you missed because you didn’t check properly

And by the next week you’ve found the boluses you meant to give them before they went out

And then you find the unused pot of pour on you got cheap at the end of last season still tucked away in the back of the cupboard …

All the ‘P’s

It all goes to prove the old saying: ‘planning and preparation prevents poor performance’!

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

Aepic fail probsnd it’s that common human failure to prepare properly (because life gets so rushed) that motivates all the ‘inheritance planning’ and glossy ‘legacy’ leaflets that fall out of the farming papers and those classy looking letters from the farming unions.

They pick gentle words and pretty pictures to use, but basically they’re all just telling you to make sure you’re not so busy that you don’t get ready to, well, sorry … die.

Now, there’s no need to be morbid, but there’s a lot more to be planned for than what happens to the stuff you can’t take with you! So what can you do to be positive about everything that you will?

It’s not the sort of thing you can discuss with everyone, but if we can help, we are OK to talk quietly to anyone about preparing for the inevitable BIG ‘Turnout’.

Give us a call, find us in the Mart, reply to this post with some contact details or catch us on social media and we’ll be happy go over it with you!

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